Fulden Topaloglu

Fulden Topaloglu is a photographer from Istanbul, Turkey.

Fulden Topaloglu is a photographer from Istanbul, Turkey. Besides her career as an industrial designer and the founder of her own design studio Studio Kali, she had been continuously pursuing her longtime passion for photography since her late teenage years.

“I love photographing - I guess, mostly for the moments of silence, inspiration and understanding that photography grants to my soul. I believe in the moments, and the sights and emotions that are visible to me in those unique and short pieces of time. Photography is the way I attach to those moments... and my way of honoring their beauty and temporariness,” says Fulden.

Her works encompass a wide range of themes like nature, architecture, cities, sculpture, reflections… Yet she expresses that the themes that inspire her the most present themselves either in the poetry of the fluidity of water or the visual and emotional richness of the scenes hidden in reflections.