Philip Winestone

Philip Winestone

Philip started his artistic life in photography when as a young engineering student he frequented the darkroom at the university in Glasgow, Scotland. After moving to Canada, he was fortunate to meet a former New York photographer, Barry Ashley who mentored him in new ways of creating, “reshaping” Philip’s mind.

As time passed Philip had a strong tendency to be minimalist in his approach, and this tendency has never left him in photography and in other artistic fields.

Some time ago, he began to take an interest in “art” as it is commonly understood. He went on to study Classical Drawing for four years, and has created drawings in pencil, pen-and-ink, Conté hard pastels, and charcoal from his own photographs. This has added great flexibility to his minimalist way of expressing himself as each medium has its own way of revealing the subject.

His main interests have been studying Vedanta and Buddhism. He also holds a 4th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate-do and is currently studying and experimenting with Tibetan Buddhist symbolism, which unlike typical Zen imagery, is strikingly complex in nature…

True to his minimalist outlook on life, his overriding philosophy is that, “The image is the only thing.”