Stephen McCall

Stephen McCall is a Canadian artist.

Stephen McCall is a self-taught artist with no formal art education. He was born in Canada and currently resides in Kitchener, Ontario, but spent most of his childhood in Bolivia. 

He attended a boarding school located high in the Andes mountains and spent summers in the Amazon jungle where his parents lived. Stephen had a passion for drawing and painting very early on and sold his first original when he was 14. Since then, he has sold hundreds of pieces with his art displayed in collectors' homes and businesses throughout the world.   

“I haven’t had any art training or done any art shows. I spend a lot of my time on commission pieces and enjoy it but when I get the chance to just draw for me… Well, that's my passion. Seeing something and getting an idea or picture in my head and just drawing. Starting with a blank sheet of paper or canvas with simply an image in your mind, then bringing that idea to life… something beautiful, original, and unique… It really is an awesome thing!”, says Stephen. 

Stephen works with various types of media including acrylics and watercolors but graphite and charcoal are his media of choice.