Anavarza is a photograph by Ali Kabas.
Ali Kabas


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Photograph from the “AERIAL ADANA” series.

"The ancient city of Anavarza (Anazarbus/Caesarea ad Anabarsum), 28 km. south of Kozan in Southern Turkey.

In the 1st century BC, the Romans left the administration of the Ceyhan basin they had conquered to Tarkondimotos who they had appointed as Vassal king. Strengthening gradually in the Roman period and the end of the 2nd century AD, Anavarza, which competed with the ancient city of Tarsus for leadership of the Cilicia Union, has become one of the most important metropolis in Anatolia since. Anavarza, has gained many military privileges in the 3rd Century AD and received the title of "Metropolis" and three times "Neokoros" title until the middle of the same century. Anavarza, which was under Eastern Roman, Arab and Armenian rule in the following periods, was taken by the Mamluks in 1375, and after this period there was no large-scale settlement in the city. The fact that the world famous pharmacologist Dioskurides was from Anavarza is also noteworthy for the city's contribution to the world science history. Among the important remnants of Anavarza is the medieval castle on the hill rising like an island in the middle of the plain.

The magnificent Anavarza castle and city, reminiscent of a film decor, continues to live in today's village houses with tired stones bearing traces of the past. My paramotor broke down after finding a suitable place for takeoff. Fortunately, I had the second motor and I was able to shoot this wonderful castle." - Ali Kabas

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