Autumn Fairy is an oil painting by Deirdre West.
Autumn Fairy
Deirdre West

Autumn Fairy

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"This is part of a series of fantastical miniatures I painted while living in the Ozarks of Arkansas. TheĀ painting is of a fairy girl with autumn leaves for wings perched on a pine cone." - Deirdre West

  • Form:Ā PaintingĀ 
  • Description:Ā Original oil painting, painted with hand ground oils on double oil prime linen.Ā It comes as framed, with the frame pictured here. Painting canvas dimensions: 7ā€ x 5ā€, outside frame dimensions: 11ā€ x 9".Ā 
  • Shipping: FreeĀ 
  • Ships in:Ā 5-6Ā days
  • Packaging:Ā Cardboard
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included on request
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