Boys is a photograph by Ali Kabas.
Ali Kabas


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Photograph from the “HIGH ANGLE” series.

"While flying close to the ground at 25 mph I usually get one chance to capture a moment. This photo is a great example of that. I saw the children waving at me at the Marmara Sea coast and immediately turned my camera towards them and had time to take just one shot. As they say, luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity. This photo has so many compositional elements, symmetry, diagonal lines, parallel lines, adjacent similar visual elements, texture, contrast, and gesture making it a great photograph." - Ali Kabas

  • Form: Photography - Limited Edition
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  • Ships in: 8-12 days
  • Packaging: Cardboard packaging
  • Print: Archival metal
  • Material: High gloss metal
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included on request
  • Limited Edition Prints: Photographs offered in a limited edition have a preset number of prints available. “Boys” comes in limited edition as below:
    • 12 x 18 in. size in 20 prints
    • 16 x 24 in. size in 12 prints
    • 20 x 30 in. size in 7 prints
    • 24 x 36 in. size in 5 prints
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