This is a photograph by Saygun Dura.
Saygun Dura

My Reflected Reality - 29

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  • Form: Photography - Limited Edition
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  • Packaging: Tube
  • Print: Fine art
  • Material: 300 gr. paper
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included on request
  • Limited Edition Prints: Photographs offered in a limited edition have a preset number of prints available. “My Reflected Reality - 29" comes in limited edition of 10 prints.
  • Description: This photograph is from Saygun Dura’s “My Reflected Reality” series. Fish has been used as a metaphor in this collection. Taking them out of the magical underwater atmosphere and bringing them into his images allows them to function as a metaphor for the suffering of modern, alienated, lonely human being. In the company of Bosch, Dali, Ernst and other contemporary artists like Joel-Peter Witkin, Dura creates an inexhaustible reality not only for himself, but for us too.

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