Night Flight is a photograph by Ali Kabas.
Ali Kabas

Night Flight

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Photograph from the “HIGH ANGLE” series.

"Our small group of paramotor pilots was returning to the landing zone. We were late and it was already very dark. I thought why not try and make a time-exposure. This is the result. You can see two of the paramotors in the air. Eventually we radioed our friends on the ground and told them to turn on the car headlights pointing to the direction of the landing path. We landed safely!" - Ali Kabas

  • Form: Photography - Limited Edition
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  • Ships in: 8-12 days
  • Packaging: Cardboard packaging
  • Print: Archival metal
  • Material: High gloss metal
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Included on request
  • Limited Edition Prints: Photographs offered in a limited edition have a preset number of prints available. “Night Flight” comes in limited edition as below:
    • 12 x 18 in. size in 20 prints
    • 16 x 24 in. size in 12 prints
    • 20 x 30 in. size in 7 prints
    • 24 x 36 in. size in 5 prints
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