Painting on Water 1 is a photograph by Fulden Topaloglu.
Fulden Topaloglu

Painting on Water 1

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"I am deeply inspired by the visual and emotional richness of the scenes hidden in reflections. I see an amazing world living there, distorting the familiar visual reality, juxtaposing unexpected worlds and continuously creating and erasing new scenes. In my reflection photographs, I try to capture moments from this world, to reveal the beauty hidden in the blurring, fleeting, fluid nature of these reflected realities that mostly go unnoticed." - Fulden Topaloglu

  • Form:¬†Photography¬†
  • Description: The original artwork is digital photography of reflections on water surface, with the ripples on the water surface transforming the reflected reality into an impressionistic painting.
  • Shipping: Free¬†
  • Ships in:¬†8-12¬†days
  • Packaging:¬†Tube
  • Print:¬†Fine art
  • Material: Hahnemuhle Photo Matt Fibre 200
  • Certificate of Authenticity:¬†Included on request¬†

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