The Flowering Time of the Almond Tree is a painting by Francesca Marta Volchitza.
Francesca Marta Volchitza

The Flowering Time of the Almond Tree

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"I wanted to paint the pleasure, the intimacy, the complicity, the power of the sexual act when we live it in full consciousness and with love.

We can find the oval form of almond in many religious representations, when still sexuality had not been censored. The vagina, the vocal cords, the third eye, have the same elongated form of the almond. That's why I chose this title. It is the time of physical and spiritual consciousness and also emotional. The time of deep communication. The hour of awakening of the senses, of the sense of his own life and of sensuality.

My couples are born as a celebration of the couple but also of the marriage alchemique inner between Yin and Yang." - Francesca Marta Volchitza

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