Untitled 1 is a photograph by Philip Winestone.
Philip Winestone

Untitled 1

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"All of my photographs have been created as silver halide images. The type of base I specifically chose for my work was mostly "resin-coated" rather than paper, as I could see that the quality of the finish on resin-coated material produced much more precise images than on paper for the types of image I created.

PLEASE NOTE: This particular photograph (nominal 11" x 14" only) was printed, as shown, on photographic paper, and mounted on board. This was the first ever print I made of this image. None of the images, including this one, will ever be reprinted in the darkroom as I now no longer have a darkroom; so every photograph you see here is essentially a limited-edition silver-halide print.

Please note that as cropping is an essential element of composition, image sizes are shown above as "nominal" sizes, and may not represent the actual size of the photograph.
Aside from all that, each image speaks for itself...
" - Philip Winestone

  • Form: Photography - Limited Edition
  • Shipping: Free 
  • Ships in: 4 business days
  • Packaging: Padded, reinforced mailer or tube
  • Print: 11 x 14 in. Silver Halide on paper - mounted, 16 x 20 in. Silver Halide
  • Material: 11 x 14 in. photographic paper, 16 x 20 in. resin-coated
  • Limited Edition Prints: Photographs offered in a limited edition have a preset number of prints available. “Untitled 1” comes in limited edition as below:
    • Nominal 11 x 14 in. size in 1 print (Mounted)
    • Nominal 16 x 20 in. size in 2 prints
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